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Most Popular Website for Like for facebook, followers for Twitter, pinterest, google+, Youtube

Likesasap is a social media exchange site from which you can make money by liking other's Facebook pages, twitter followers etc. I used this site to improve my alexa ranking in 1 day , so if you want to do so you are on right place . This site have all necessary features of a social exchange site . Today I will provide detailed review of so that you can understand how usefull is it for your business . This sites is already listed in top 5 smo sites . This site also gives you money for doing Facebook likes and shares so you can earn money with this site also .

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Supported sites in 
Facebook likes , shares , followers Twitter Twitts, follow etc
YouTube views , subscribers etc Instagram likes, follows Pininterest pins, repins followers etc
LinkedIn , google+ , likes and shares  Improve alexa rank  Get website traffic SoundCloud Likes & Follow , MySpace ,Reverbnation Followers 

Features of

Bonus points : get 75 points when you like 15 Facebook pages and 175 points for 100 Facebook likes.  Signup bonus : 50 points 
referral bonus: Get 10% Points referral's earning 
Website surf: for pageviews . 

Earnings from

1: Upto  $ 0.001 per Facebook like, Twitter follow, instagram likes and website hits . 
2: payout is very low and is. $0.70
3: signup bonus is 0.01 $
4: 10% of referral's earning 
5 : PayPal & AlertPay/Payza & OkPay
6: no investments . 

How this site Works?

In this site just like addmefast and people exchanges
Facebook Likes, YouTube views and subscribers etc . They got points for doing this and redeem same for getting likes and shares . If a users doesn't want to get likes and shares , he can redeem his points in form money through PayPal and other online wallets . 

How to earn more points ?

Start with Facebook likes section and like other's Facebook page , you can get maximum of 50 points per like which is descent amount of point . And do liking till you reach 15 points websites . You will get bonus points after 15 likes and 100 likes . You can also earn while promoting your referral link. When a users visit to your link you will earn some money and if same person register on likesasap then you will get 50 points and 10% of his earning for lifetime . 

Conclusion :

Likesasap is a great site for social media optimization . It is hackers proof and currently no script and bots are availabe for this site , it means you will get likes only from real persons . If you want to earn money online then this site is good . The users interface is good and also working on mobile devices without JavaScript feature . Some peoples also complaining about is scam site and charged them lot of money , so please beware of this site and use it cautions. Use improve alexa rank feature if you are a site owner , this is really good feature . Thanks and please comment below , we provide dofollow backlinks.

How Can You make $1000 /Month From Your Own Blog in 2015

 Hope you enjoy surfing the internet and after reading some online money articles curious to know about how to earn money through your own blog, so lets talk about that. Ok, so you want to earn $1000 money per month by blogging. I just want to tell you one thing is, blogging directly doesn't help you make money. You can earn money by paid advertising, banners, affiliations, google adsense etc..."

" Making $1000/month with a blog is certainly not easy but it's not difficult too. "

Start your blog about anythings that you really like most. I am sure that some of your confusions will be clear from this article. Increasing your pageviews would definitely help. If you are smart enough, it should not be difficult to understand how to generate income from your blog. 

Here are few steps or say important things to keep in mind:

1. Crete your blog with WordPress blog. 

2. Find the best and cheap hosting plans from Hosting website i, e ( Blue Host, Godaddy..) 

3. Just Concentrate only on USA visitors. List all the common things about US people, what they are most thinking about. It can be anything from health,glossary, daily routing, yoga tips, travelling, crafting to food products anything..... Use Google Adwords  Keyword tool. Search the term and find related keywords.

How to Earn Money Online by Creating a Classified Website

4. Identify your business, products and services then Search and find the keywords with monthly search traffic between 3000-5000 with low competition and high CPC ($2+).

5. If you can, so buy the domain with that keyword in it. ( If you don't get exact add something like guide, best, top words..)

6. Research and identify the best plugins for proper performance and readership increase. (W3  total Cache, Quick Adsense, SEO plugin, Facebook like box, Social media  plugins etc...)

7. Search and find the another upto 100 secondary keyword from Google Adwords keyword tool keeping 1K-5K monthly searches, low competition and high CPC.

8. Usually I use a static homepage on second website and it works really good. So use a static homepage with an article of over 1200+ words keeping your primary keyword in mind. Search on Google as what people are searching related to that. Try to include those keywords. Keep checking primary and secondary keywords percentage in the article. ( Keep it between 2-4%). (Use 4-5 images.)

9. You need to Write a couple of other articles targeting to secondary keywords in it. You have to just Maintain the keyword ratio. If you can , so make your article with Interlink each other.

10. All the secondary keyword articles must be 500+ words in it. ( Use images as well.)

11. Use proper formatting of URL Structure. Change it to date/month/title in blog settings. You can also customize it with another keyword in it.)

12. Use ping services section of Wordpress. Add as many as you can.

13. Try to create backlinks. ( I don't have much backlinks on both websites and both drive traffic from keywords only.) (40 on website 1 and 5 on website 2.)

14. Regularly Update your blog after researching trend of your niche and post it once in a week.

15. Just do Wait and watch. ( It will takes time which can be as high as 6 months for the any websites.)

SEO Audit Key Factors/ Elements 2015, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit Tips 2015

I would like to share some Elements and factors that have worked for me to present SEO audit results:

SEO Elements

1)      Keyword focus

2)      URL Structure

3)      Title tags

4)      Meta Description Tags

5)      Mets Keywords Tags

6)      Heading Tags

7)      Content Optimization

8)      Internal Linking and Anchor text

9)      Image name and ALT tags

10)   Nofollow and Dofollow linking

11)   Page Indexing Optimization

12)   Broken Link Check

13)   URL Redirection

14)   Page Error

15)   Code Validation ( analytics, webmaster tool etc)

16)   Page Load Speed

17)   Sitemape.xml

18)   Responsive Design

19)   Social Media Check List

Some Other Elements:

  • Errors – client and servers issues, such as 404 pages
  • Redirects – any permanent or temporary redirects (301, 302)
  • External links – all of the sites you link out to
  • URL issues – dynamic URLs, uppercase characters, URLs that are too long, and underscores
(   Static – your URLs should be static. Dynamic URLs usually contain random characters like: $, =, +, &. Static URLs typically contain numbers, letters and dashes.
Length – although it doesn’t happen all the time, I try to keep URLs under 100 characters.
User friendly – ideally your URLs should be easy to remember. Cut away dashes and slashes when you don’t need them.)

  • Duplicate pages – anything with duplicate content
  • Page title tags – any missing, duplicate, long or even short titles
  • Meta description tags – similar to title tags, it looks for anything missing, duplicate, long or short
  • Meta keywords tag – the same stuff as title and meta description tags… I personally don’t look at this field as most search engines ignore it.
  • Headings – the types of headings you use (h1, h2, h3) as well as keyword usage, duplicates, and any missing ones
  • Meta robots – what you are allowing to be indexed or not indexed as well as if you use it
  • Rel canonical – in case you are pointing search engines to a different URL
  • File size – the smaller your file sizes, the faster your load time
  • Page depth level – how many levels deep search engines have to crawl to find all of your content
  • Internal links – what pages you are linking to within your own website
  • Anchor text – the link text you are using for both images and web pages
  • Follow & nofollow – which of your links are being followed or not
  • Images – the sizes of your images, the alt text length, or any missing alt texts
  • Bot crawling – you can crawl your website as Google, Bing or Yahoo bot… this helps you see what they see

Now that you’ve done a complete analysis of your site, this will allow you to have a comprehensive report that looks pretty. Let me know what you think of the SEO site audit process. 

How to Upload Photos to Instagram Directly From Your Desktop

How to Upload Photos to Instagram Directly From Your Desktop

One of Facebook’s best acquisitions was purchasing the photo-sharing mobile application Instagram for $1Billion. Although Instagram is primarily used via mobile, you can still upload photo’s to Instagram directly from your desktop computer. Don’t know how to do this? Keep reading…
Being able to do this has been impossible until now. Thanks to Bluestacks, you can now run Android applications on your Windows or Mac desktop. Currently in beta, Bluestacks gives you access to the instagram app allowing you to use all of its features just like you would on your smartphone. Follow the below steps to start uploading photos to Instagram from your desktop.
1. First, you will need to download and install BlueStacks on your computer. For PC users, download from here and for Mac users, download from here.
2. Once you have installed BlueStacks, you need to click on the search icon in the top right hand corner of the programme, type in Instagram and install that application.
3. Once you have installed Instagram, you will see it appear on your dashboard inside of BlueStacks. Log into your Instagram account or, if you are a new user, create your account.
4. Now that you are logged into your Instagram, go to your Profile -> Options -> Camera Settings and untick “Use Instagram’s Advanced Camera”. If you want to connect your social media accounts to your Instagram profile, go to “Share Settings.”
5. After making the above changes, go back to your BlueStacks dashboard (click on the home button at the bottom of the screen.) You will now need to download File Expert which you can do by searching for the application via the search bar. Once downloaded, open the File Expert app and have it running in the background.
6. Once you have done the above, you will now need to move photo’s you want to put on your Instagram profile into your My Pictures folder on your desktop computer. Make sure you create a new folder inside My Pictures so you can keep your Instagram uploads in one place.
7. You can now upload photo’s by re-opening Instagram in BlueStacks. Make sure you chose your source as “Photo Gallery” when uploading a photo and you will be asked again to pick a source and make sure you choose “File Expert”.
8. File Expert will then open. Click on the “Folders Tab” (If you don’t see this, add it to your options by clicking on the plus button in the top right corner.)
9. Under the tab “Folders” choose SD Card -> bstfolder -> Pictures. This is where you see your Instagram Photo folder.
10. Click on your folder, choose the photo you want, add filters, descriptions and tags before you post.

Guide: How to Create Instagram Account & Use it on Windows or Mac (without Phone)

Not everyone has an expensive smartphone on which they can run Instagram. Also, not everyone recharges their smartphones with data packs. If any of these problems are keeping you away from Instagram, it doesn’t make sense! Not having budget smartphone or data packs on your phone can’t keep you away from your craze of using Instagram app because you can use Instagram from your computer too (without having a phone).
Curious? Let’s see how it’s done.
Today, I am going to share few workarounds that will let you to create Instagram account directly from computer and you’ll also be able to use Instagram through PC and upload photos to it.

Please Note: None of these below methods are official ways to use Instagram on PC. Instagram is an app for mobile phones and best to use in mobile devices when you have Instagram for Android, iOS installed in phone. You might be facing some problems while using Instagram on computer but if you don’t have any option to use it on Smartphone, these workarounds are great.

1. BlueStack – App Player (Windows/Mac)

BlueStack is Android emulator that lets you to run Android apps on Windows or Mac. We have shown you how to run an Android chat app on PC using Bluestack and Instagram is not any different. It’s just like other Android apps and hence, BlueStack can run it on your PC or Mac.
To start using it, head on to BlueStack website, download and install the software to your PC. Now, you’ve two ways to add Instagram app to BlueStack, either search it directly inside BlueStack or use this website to download Android app directly to PC. You can also use my coolest trick that will allow you to download Android app directly from Google Play to your PC. The apps should automatically run on BlueStack.

2. InstaPic or InPic (Windows 8)

InstaPic is fully fledged Instagram client for Windows 8. It lets you to sign up for Instagram account, if you don’t have one. You can sign in to your existing account and add your multiple Instagram accounts. InstaPic lets you to do everything you can do on Instagram apps for mobile phones: upload photos, edit pics, add filters, view timeline, activity, followers, follow/unfollow users and more.

3. Pixta – Instagram App for PC

Pixta is another great app for Windows PC that will let you to explore Instagram and enjoy viewing, liking other users pic, following/unfollowing etc. However, you’ll not be able to upload photos. Pixta is providing the best Instagram experience on PC with its sexy interface. It is really nice, elegant and well-designed desktop app.

4. Gramblr (Windows/Mac)

Gramblr is nice app that lets you to upload photos to Instagram. unfortunately, the app is limited only photo upload. You can do anything else. You can even explore your Instagram, neither cropping nor editing can be done. Editing and cropping to any photo that you’re going to upload on your Instagram through Gramblr app, need to be done prior to uploading.
If you can’t use BlueStack or InstaPic, Gramblr is nice to use in combination with Pixta where one is fixing other tool’s features and providing the best Instagram experience on PC.

5 -   Other Workarounds & Related Apps

There are other workarounds and related apps available for Instagram to let you run it on PC. You can use Instagram for PC. Another pretty app is Instagrille which pretty much allows you to do everything you’d normally do on Instagram on your PC–except upload photos. Another nice workaround is to use IFTTT Dropbox to Instagram Integration that will automatically upload your Dropbox images to Instagram.

List: 45 Pr 9,8,7,6,5 auto approve article directories in 2015

Top 50 High PR Article Directories Submission Sites List 2015:

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5. http://www.feedup.infox

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List of 9 high pagerank dofollow forums Post site in 2015

Here is the List of 9 high pagerank do follow forums for high quality organic traffic


Build high pagerank do follow backlinks in 2015

 If you are new in blogging field and tired in building high pagerank dofollow backlinks but still didn't get any for your site , then try commenting on below blogs of high pagerank which are do-follow websites.

Do follow backlinks will definitely increase your search presence because  more sites pointing to your sites means you have quality contents and this is the factor on which search engine rank your page in searches .

      these backlinks tells the search engines to pass link juice to the pointed site or you can say they tells the search engines to follow that link. 

Dofollow vs nofollow

Do follow means the link will give you importance while a no follow link tells the search engines not to give importance to the given link . . So it will always better to get do follow backlinks .

Benifits of Dofollow link

    Do follow backlinks helps in improving google PageRank if they are quality backlinks. If you are newbie , don't create only do follow backlinks, it will mark as unnatural and you will get punished by google . So, in order to get a Good PageRank you must build dofollow backlink with some no follow links .
¤ increase PageRank 
¤ rank contents higher in search results 
¤ gives authority and respect to blogs . 
¤ High PageRank attract more advertisers hence gives you more PPC . 
In this way you can get100+ dofollow backlinks easily . .

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