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Top 100 Free Article Submission Sites | 100 Best High PR Article Submission Sites List 2018

Top 100 Free Article Submission Sites List 2018

Article Submission is one of the excellent strategies to promote your business or product. A well-written article may bring you high traffic to your website. Article submission seems easy but there are some vital points you should keep in mind while submitting an article.

Submission Guidelines:
First, read through the websites submission guidelines to know do’s & don’ts.

Article Title:
Make sure your headline is attractive and clear as it will be the decision maker for readers.
Write a good summary which is also significant.
Check your article for grammatical mistakes & add appreciate anchor texts and link back to your website.
You must submit your article to the appropriate category.
Sites to Submit:
There are hundreds of websites available for article submission sites but few of them are popular. Below is a comprehensive list of top 100 article submission sites.

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100 Best High PR Article Submission Sites List 2018:

Sr.N. Article Submission Sites Alexa
1 20k
2 20k
3 20k
4 6265
5 500
6 20k
7 20k
8 20k
9 47
10 59
11 257
12 410
13 4925
14 8136
15 70047
16 3886
17 39663
18 136261
19 11713
20 23512
21 35975
22 3584
23 1303777
24 1426814
25 1432535
26 57368
27 61325
28 66702
29 76235
30 102118
31 117877
32 123373
33 330076
34 448356
35 142039
36 153617
37 334563
38 166227
39 174789
40 175620
41 444472
42 185843
43 196472
44 204456
45 631303
46 635005
47 214498
48 229053
49 235235
50 236819
51 264123
52 284723
53 308866
54 319419
55 328750
56 548967
57 579396
58 339492
59 745624
60 749935
61 380221
62 385713
63 858674
64 903561
65 428168
66 442579
67 448258
68 450634
69 451035
70 455353
71 472954
72 474237
73 508284
74 527006
75 533089
76 604927
77 618691
78 621988
79 651557
80 665191
81 684702
82 712129
83 755907
84 793440
85 794784
86 812432
87 816899
88 1016808
89 1049989
90 1106979
91 1215691
92 1237931
93 1533227
94 1566486
95 1646667
96 1685897
97 1735961
98 1782038
99 1940882
100 2170258
101 2189036
102 2247910
103 2315882
104 2506855
105 2521599
106 2558558
107 2603076
108 2725798
109 2742132
110 2816126
111 2925988
112 2994936
113 3052117
114 3200270
115 3216347
116 3285645
117 3293343
118 3312432
119 3567861
120 3705836
121 3721251
122 3881063
123 3893548
124 3943927
125 3995653
126 4064299
127 4234843
128 4274872
129 4399337
130 4416149
131 4564661
132 4679408

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10 Blog Commenting Tips 2015 - Fee Blog Promotion tips - Get More Comment on Your Blog

Fee Blog Promotion tips - Get More Comments on Your Blog

Each and every website operator would like to view lots of reviews on their blogs. Nevertheless that doesn't come about on auto-pilot. You will need to place in lots of endeavors to have reviews on your own website. Many website managers did not receive obviously any good sole touch upon most of their own blogs which have been true along with excellent. It will be easy to have a number of reviews on your own blogs in case you have a website with a large number of every day visitors plus your website information will be adequate that men and women enjoy commenting on your own blogs. When you have a website with lots of excellent blog posts along with don’t getting the reviews volume you are wanting, this site article will be exclusively picked for you. In this short article, We are expressing 10 fantastic guidelines to help you get lots of excellent reviews on your own blogs.

Bloggers Passion comments count with posts

As far as I’m involved, I’m benefiting from quality reviews on most involving blogs upon Bloggers Passion. In case you also believe in numbers, upon Bloggers Passion, We've until now publicized 160 blog posts and the ones 160 blog posts get 1694 accredited reviews. All reviews i always approve upon Bloggers Passion are excellent. My partner and i, nearly all of time eliminate one range reviews which might be prepared in general. Plainly carry out this car finance calculations, I’m receiving 11 reviews (approx) upon all our blogs typically. And today I’m also trying to find more methods to enhance the stream involving reviews on its way for this web site.

Top 5 Commentors Widget

Firstly, I would suggest a person introducing a highly regarded Commentors golf widget with your weblog. I've got observed plenty of blogs that have such a widgets accessible, becomes plenty of responses through it is weblog audience. You can include this golf widget with your weblog sidebar or even from the footer portion. With major Commentors golf widget, major Commentors with the thirty days are generally revealed up throughout descending buy. A great deal of audience in your weblog will become transmitting responses in your weblog since you've got fitted major Commentors golf widget with your weblog. Accessibility to blog writers throughout major Commentors portion presents these people respectable targeted traffic, personalisation and back-links with regards to websites and blogs. These days’ plenty of seo’s and internet marketers possess started off including blogs that have major Commentors form of golf widget in place, inside their overall url creating tactics. If you notice major Commentors with your weblog, you will discover some folks through seo area are generally transmitting the beneficial responses to discover the important things about back-links from your weblog, Should you be using a WordPress Blog, there are plugins accessible which will put major Commentors golf widget with your weblog instantaneously. My spouse and i me possess added in a highly regarded Commentors golf widget with Bloggers Appreciation weblog throughout it is sidebar. You can use this plugin to include Best Commentors Widget with your WordPress Based Blog and there are lots of personalization possibilities open with this particular plugin.

2. Replying to Comments

When you reply to comments forthcoming with your, that will keep optimistic perception for you as part of your blog site viewers sight. When blog site viewers recognizes his or her comments are discovered as well as sent a reply from the blog site proprietor, drives these to deliver more top quality comments with your blog site. Thus you should make sure that you just deliver your thoughts to the majority involving incoming comments with your blog site. When i accustomed to check most incoming comments about this blog site when every day at the very least. As i have a brand new comment forthcoming, in case their great as well as genuine comment, I am going to approve the idea and when their only unsolicited mail, I am going to merely erase the idea. Per approved comment, When i deliver the sent a reply at the very least where by the blog site viewers expect several responses or even facts coming from me personally.

3. Running Contests

I have seen many web site owners employing prize draws to boost remarks on the blogs together with excellent achievements. With regard to growing remarks, web owners work intriguing prize draws in which they provide some money, free gifts, presents or perhaps advertising on the web site to contest invariably winners. I’ve not utilised prize draws for this web site so far for bettering remarks. In this coming days and nights, you will see several contest coming with Blog writers Passion to encourage web site viewers to post more remarks for this web site. I might possibly be running best Commentors sort of contest for this web site the spot that the best commenter for the 30 days are certain to get several prize together with normal inbound links as well as personalisation for web sites as well as blogs.

4. Writing Comments on Other Blogs

You ought to create an index of some well-known blogs inside your niche and start sending ones valuable comments on these blogs. Whenever you send ones knowledge-based comments to additional blog proprietors, they will probably notice it and appreciate your efforts by causing comments in your blog. You should register for your favourite blogs RSS inside your RSS Target audience and post comments as you notice a whole new post getting published on all of your favorite web site. You should continue this procedure for per month and and then notice simply how much benefit you will get from this procedure. Apart coming from increasing comments alone blog, you will end up getting a lot of targeted backlinks, traffic in addition to new readers on your blog coming from commenting upon other websites.

5. Write High Quality Content

It’s your content that will play a major role in deciding whether people will comment on your blog post or not. It’s your content quality that will decide if you will get zero or tens of comments on each of your blog post. Lack of good content, will make you end up with very few comments on your blog even if you have a high traffic blog. So you should write engaging content and look for maximum ways to get feedback from your blog readers about your blog content quality and what kind of posts they want you to publish on your blog in the coming days. So you should spend lots of time while creating your blog posts and should keep some elements of engagement for your blog readers in your posts.

 6. Dofollow Comment Love
It's exceedingly encouraged to make your site remarks dofollow to get more remarks on your website. Loads of seo's and bloggers continue hunting down dofollow web journals to get most extreme web search tool positioning and page rank profits. Heaps of connection manufacturers us dofollow web journal remarking as an influential strategy to build fantastic backlinks for their sites. So being a dofollow blog, your site will accept heaps of extra remarks from seo and connection developers sort of group parts. There are some dofollow blog registries accessible on Internet where you can submit your dofollow web journals. You ought to highlight to your website followers on noticeable positions that they are making remarks on dofollow writes by including a remark luv sort of picture in your site sidebars as demonstrated towards left. On the off chance that you are running a Wordpress Blog, there are plugins accessible to help you make its remarks joins dofollow. Utilize this connection to make your Wordpress Blogs dofollow where all connections utilized as a part of remarks area will be all dofollow.

Read: Commentluv Plugin Wordpress: More Comments and Traffic on Your Blog 

7. Comments Notification Email

Inform followup remarks through emailyou ought to give your web journal book fans the office to subscribe to your website remarks by means of email. Your site followers will have the capacity to stay informed regarding new remarks going ahead blog entries they have subscribed to. When they feel they ought to send more remarks on that post, they can do effortlessly. Email Notification offer in remarks segment makes an incredible level of enthusiasm among your website followers. With such sort of gimmicks, you will see bunches of strung remarks columns engaging against your blog entries. In the event that you are running a Wordpress based website, here is the plugin you can use to permit your online journal bookworms to subscribe to remarks against posts of their investment. 

8. Easy to Comment Functionality

You ought to make the entire remarking process on your web journal truly simple. I used to perceive a few bloggers utilizing terrible captchas and sign up structures and so on to Commentors on their online journal. They make the entire remarking process truly troublesome. A few websites have so troublesome code words behind captcha that it gets to be truly troublesome for you to remember them. In the event that you are doing this to dodge spam remarks on your online journal, there are instruments and plugins accessible to maintain a strategic distance from them. Furthermore in the event that you are running a Wordpress blog, there is a plugin notoriety known as Akismet to help you battle against spam remarks on your web journal. Here is the establishment join for Akismet plugin for Wordpress self facilitated web journals. 

9. Use Lists in Your Future Posts

I would propose you make a few posts around records in future on your web journal. I have perceived blog entries convey a schedule do truly well as contrasted and typical posts when taken into elements like the amount of remarks they accept and the amount of votes they get on online networking sites. The most remarked post on Bloggers Passion was made around records where I have gained 61 remarks so far on that post. You can yourself check my 5 Indian Blogs You Must Read Always here.

10. Some Mixed Stuff

Movement to your online journal will likewise assume a huge part particularly in the event that you have a website with great activity numbers and amazing posts. So search for approaches to get bunches of movement to your online journal. Separated from making inquiries and looking for exhortation from your website followers will likewise help you get extra remarks from your web journal bookworms.

I trust I secured the majority of prevalent strategies to expand quality remarks on a website. On the off chance that you feel I missed something, please experience the remarks segment underneath. I will additionally be intrigued by knowing which of the above technique you are presently utilizing to get loads of remarks on your web journal.

Top 100 High PR Blog Posting Sites List 2018 | Free High PR Blog Submission Site Link 2018

 Top 100 High PR Blog Posting Sites List 2018:

Free High PR Blog Submission Site Link 2018:

9 PR8
10 PR8
11 PR8
12 PR8
13 PR8
14 PR8
15 PR8
16 PR8
17 PR8
18 PR8
19 PR8
20 PR8
21 PR8
22 PR8
23 PR8
24 PR8
25 PR7
26 PR7
27 PR7
28 PR7
29 PR7
30 PR7
31 PR7
32 PR7
33 PR7
34 PR7
35 PR7
36 PR7
37 PR7
38 PR7
39 PR7
40 PR7
41 PR7
42 PR7
43 PR7
44 PR7
45 PR7
46 PR7
47 PR7
48 PR7
49 PR7
50 PR7
51 PR7
52 PR7
53 PR7
54 PR7
55 PR7
56 PR7
57 PR7
58 PR7
59 PR7
60 PR7
61 PR7
62 PR6
63 PR6
64 PR6
65 PR6
66 PR6
67 PR6
68 PR6
69 PR6
70 PR6
71 PR6
72 PR6
73 PR6
74 PR6
75 PR6
76 PR6
77 PR6
78 PR6
79 PR6
80 PR6
81 PR6
82 PR6
83 PR6
84 PR6
85 PR6
86 PR6
87 PR6
88 PR6
89 PR6
90 PR6
91 PR5
92 PR5
93 PR5
94 PR5
95 PR5
96 PR5
97 PR5
98 PR5
99 PR5
100 PR5
101 PR5
102 PR4
103 PR2