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5 Tips for Attracting Followers to your Company Page | 6 Ways To Get More LinkedIn Page Followers

Creating a LinkedIn company page is the easy part; getting people to actually follow your page is where many business owners need a little guidance.
Growing your LinkedIn presence all comes down to two main strategies: promoting your page and producing engaging content that drives shares and increases your visibility. This article will look at 50 ways to get LinkedIn page followers using these two strategies.

1. If your employees are on LinkedIn, ask them to add your page as their workplace. When they do this, they will automatically become followers of your page.
2. Optimize your content for optimal amplification. According to LinkedIn, “best-of” lists get almost 40% more amplification than regular company posts.
3. Use the LinkedIn company follow plugin to put a follow button on your website or blog.
4. Share YouTube videos with your followers. According to LinkedIn, followers who engage with videos on LinkedIn take twice as many “amplification actions” (shares, comments, etc.) as they do on non-video posts.
5. Optimize your LinkedIn page for search engines. Include relevant keywords in your description and in your posts (especially longer, content-heavy posts that tend to do well in search).
6. Engage with your current connections and page followers FIRST.  There’s no point in attempting to grow your page if you’re not bothering to engage with the network you already have. Make a point of regularly commenting on and sharing other people’s posts.

How to protect your site from Mobilegeddon 2015

Are you wondered with the new word “Mobilegeddon” using by Google for mobile friendly website? This is nothing but a latest update by Google.

Recently, Google has officially launched its Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm. As per Google the sites that aren’t mobile friendly is likely to drop in traffic from mobile users and sites that are mobile friendly is likely to get up in the current scenario. This latest update by Google needs to know by Marketers, every website owner and SEO manager.
If we talk about in a general, we want to know why Google rolled out an update that encourages website owners who have a mobile- friendly site. We can simple say; the time spent on browsing internet on desktops has been surpassed by mobile.

You can protect your website by following ways: –

1. Check your website on Google’s mobile– friendly test: – Use Google’s mobile- friendly test to check whether your site can meet basic qualification. If need any changes Google break down the necessary changes that must be made on your site. Don’t let mobilegeddon to hit your site.
2. Content needs to be mobile friendly – The content should be mobile friendly as there is lot of difference between the searches of desktop and on mobile. The search on mobile and desktop are not equal. Mobile searches done by consumers to get information instantly. On contrary, desktop searches are lengthier and are in detail or more informative. So creating the content and layout for each site should be different.
3. Website to be responsive– As per Google, creates your website to be responsive to meet your customer’s expectations by creating a different layout for mobile and desktop which means that a single website responds to the device we accessing it. Also, we can go with another option by creating separate mobile website. However, the content will give same information in a two different formats.

TOP 10 Best Social Exchange Sites Of 2018 | List of 46 best social media exchange and traffic exchange sites in 2018

Top 10 Best Social Exchange Sites in 2018:

List of TOP Best Social Exchange Sites Of 2015. This is an exchanging network where people share Facebook Likes, View YouTube videos, provide Google-Plus, Visit Websites and etc. In return they get points. These points can be used to get additional fans or convert points to money for cashout.

There was a time when using social media was easy enough that you can get likes and followers here and there, but that was a thing in the past. While SEO is getting harder and tougher, social media is doing the same. Certain strategies and campaigns have popped up here and there claiming to to have the gold egg.
If you own a blog, you’ll know how important social media like exchange for example is by providing traffic to your website. Those likes and tweets adds social signals to your SEO and Google might notice your website, might even give you a SERP boost 

Since I’ve been searching for different social media exchange to gain more social traction for a couple of my website, I found a handful of them. So today I will share the list that I personally use to step up my social media strategy, I also gained a few friends from different country using the list below.

Check out the comments below to received some coupon bonus! To all, if you have a spare coupons, please put it in the comments below so we can all enjoy your website

46+ Biggest Social Media Like Exchange Websites:


Increase Youtube Video Ranking With Alexa And Google

Increase Website Traffic And Improve Alexa And Google Rank:

The Best Way To Increase Youtube Video Ranking Online And Also Get Video Views With Estimate Watches So Follow These Steps And Continue To Youtube Rating ..

01:- Go to link and Ank Make Account ( Click Here )

    A: Click On ( SIGN UP ) And Make Account.
    B: Enter The Required Data In Registration Form.
    C: After Create Account The Confirm Your Account ( Go To Email ).
    D: After Confirm Your Account. Sign In Your Account

02:- Go to Traffic Exchange Tab And Download ( Hitleap Viewer )

03:- Install The Hitleap Viewer And Open .

04:- Go And Click on ( My Websites )

05:- Click On ( Add New Website ). And Fill The Form

06:- Open Hitleap Viewer Application And Go to Traffic Exchange and Run Your IP

After Start Your Ip You Will Earn Minutes : And Enjoy :)

how to increase youtube subscribers free | Get Free YouTube Subscribers Fast! Up to 10k FREE

Youtube Sub4Sub - Give And Take System:

Increase Your Youtube Subscribers With Sub4Sub. It Is Give and take System. When You. Subscribe Any One Channel. Channel With Return Subscribe On Your Channel. A Complete Guideline Will Show In The Tutorial.. Now Enjoy To Get Subscriber and with

Go to link and Paste in Your Browser ( Click Here)

Get Free YouTube Subscribers Fast! Up to 10k FREE:

how to increase youtube subscribers free

The Best Tips To Increase Facebook Likes Real | 10 Ways to Get More Likes for Your Brand's Facebook Page

10 Ways to Get More Likes for Your Brand's Facebook Page:

Increase your Facebook page likes daily up to 50+ real fans and not removable. yes it's real and safe method to increase Facebook Fans.. Also to increase Post Likes, Followers on Facebook without Charges... JUST Follow me ....

Step 01 :- Go to this Link ( Click Here )

Step 02 :- Click On Facebook Tools+ Tab

Step 03 :- Select Any One Tool That's You Want...

Step 04 :- Click On Access Code

Step 05 :- Allow The Permission And Copy The Access Code And Paste Here And Click On Sign in

Get Targeted 5000 Facebook Friends Requests within day | How to get Make 5000 friends on facebook Fast in One Day

How To Get 5000 facebook friends request in One Day:

Having more friends on facebook is very important for most of the people. By having thousands of facebook friends you can drive huge traffic to your website or blog. You can also drive sales via those friends and ultimately, it also help you to increase your online earning and popularity.

How To Get 5000 facebook friends request in One Day
But the main problem here is that, facebook always have limits on everything. Same limits are also applied on sending facebook requests and even accepting facebook requests. Ohh.. it really sucks! So, what should now we do to increase the facebook friends. If you look at the daily facebook requests sending limit then it is almost 30 - 50 friends requests per day.

Is you have to wait, keep sending just 30 fb requests and keep wasting your time or want something amazing which will magically help you to get 5000 facebook friends requests in just one day only!! Now, what you think. Wanna use this trick? If yes then follow the below steps.

Follow Below Steps

  • First of all go to this link: GO HERE or 
  • Now select your interests of which you want the friends. 
    get facebook friends requests
  • Now enter the captcha and on the green GENERATE Button.
  • After that scroll down little bit and you will find a huge list of facebook emails.
  • Just copy all of them
Get Targeted 5000 Facebook Friends Requests with day

  • Go to facebook invite page here.
  • At there paste all the copied emails and click on invite.
    Get Targeted 5000 Facebook Friends Requests with day
  • Get Targeted 5000 Facebook Friends Requests with day

  • VOILA!! You have successfully invited the almost 5000 people of your interest.

Best SEO Tips for Blogger – Blogging for Beginners tips 2015 | 7 Basic On Page SEO Tips For Blogspot Blogs for Earn Money

Best SEO tips for Blogger is good setting for newbies. is platform over the internet. Most of people start blogging from this platform and then move to the Blogging platform is totally free of cost, that’s why newbie start blogging from this. This is the best place where you can share your knowledge and experience with the world on any topic related to your field. If you are newbie on this platform and don’t know creating a blog, here is a quick guide on How to create a free blog on Today I am going to share my experience with you about best SEO tips for blogger.
7 Basic On Page SEO Tips For Blogspot Blogs for Earn Money

Best SEO Tips for Blogger:
Blogger blogs SEO setting is very imported to get high rank in search engines. If you don’t know on page SEO setting for BlogSpot and Blogger though your article is very helpful for visitor’s but again it will not rank in search engines and you will not get enough visitors’ to read your article. Then your all struggle to writing a helpful article will be wasted. That’s why, best SEO tips for bloggers is necessary for all newbie’s.
There are some basic setting and best SEO tips for blogger. Let us start that.

1.Optimize your Post Title:

There is some confusion into Post Title for the searchers because by default in blogger templates, blog’s title is appeared first in Search Engines Result’s and after that post title appears. It creates confusion for the coming searchers that for what he was searching. Therefore, you need some changes in the settings of which will make your post title first in the search results precisely. Here is setting you need to do it.
  • Go to your Dashboard of blogger by login >> Template>>Edit HTML>>Proceed
  • Search Tag:  <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>  by using (Ctrl+F) command
  • Replace above tag with the following below codes.
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>

2.Change your post Headings:

The problem in heading of blogger is that, it includes H3 headings for post title in default templates. And in the terms of SEO we use H1 for blog title and H2 for Post title. It must be changed with H2 for post title. You must need to change H3 with H2. And save your template.

3.Enable Meta description:

Meta description is one the best SEO tips for blogger to enable this. After enabling this Meta Description setting, you will be able to write Meta Description for your blog home page.

4.Adding Meta Description to Every Single Post:


After adjusting this setting. You can see search description for every post to the right side. See blew image.
You can also be able to write Meta Description for your single post to inform search engines Robots/Crawler/Spider about this post. Get more best SEO tips for blogger from 

5.Optimization of Permalink of Single Post:

This Permalink setting is very imported setting for search engines Crawler/Spider to crawl your single post. Make sure create SEO friendly permalink (URL of post) and use your keyword in this permalink to get high rank in Google search results. This is also one great best SEO tips for blogger blogs.

Best 5 Tips to Create Content in 2015 | You Can Create The Content In 5 Minutes Or Less

How to Create Content In 5 Minutes:

On occasion, when Now i'm creating substance to help you showcase my own business as well as my consumers' sites, I do think of epic thoughts in which take time - even days - of thorough work to complete. In virtually any case various times, I'm staring down the actual looming thanks dates in my write-up schedule which has a hundred different activities to do, and When i essentially lack sufficient energy to spotlight long compound pieces.

As soon as I'm crunched with regard to time, any of the accompanying ideas help me for getting captivating substance ready to go in simply a couple of minutes. Try these out in the event you land in the exact same "time to help shine" place!

1. Answer an inquiry in a feature. Today, you needn't work with extravagant supplies to provide great excellent feature. Almost all of the implicit cameras on today's cell phones and notebooks accompany the many instruments needed to record footage, provide for this a quickly alter as well as transfer this straightforwardly to help Youtube or a few other feature providing administration.

Linked: 6 Ways to Turn Your site Into any Money Maker

So to make these sorts of substance portions, snatch any usually created inquiry you receive about your own organization's products or organizations and history yourself writing it. Don't overthink issues or invest too much time transforming, as your own devotees may interface much better with this type of "without virtually any preparation" footage (contrasted with an issue that is also been excessively created). Pop the actual feature's implant code in a blog accessibility, include any brisk advantages passage and you've gotten another blog entry with regard to simply a couple of minutes of function!

2. Offer an accumulation photographs. The previous maxim of an picture currently being worth a thousand words may not make an interpretation of straightforwardly to help blog word options, however they might even today spare you lots of time when you must get compound up easily.

Contingent upon your corporation's motivation, you could have the capacity to make photograph set up on numerous diverse things, including "off camera" pictures, pictures of this items currently being utilized or maybe "sneak looks" of approaching discharges. Whatever the possibility you do not favor yourself high of a snapshot taker, it is possible to at present make most of these brisk compound pieces by social event stock photographs around any focal subject or swaying your own clients to help impart his or her portraits of this items or maybe administrations at the job and gathering them in a solitary blog entry.

3. Consider a quote. There's a reason that such a number of pictures featuring persuasive quotes become a web sensation in online social networking locales - individuals delight in them and they want to impart these. You can certainly outfit this specific goodwill on your own particular compound creation wants by generating blog word options that think about your many loved truisms.

Linked: 5 Hints to Providing Quality Content

Here's the way in which by which to try and do it: Grab any quote or maybe maxim that's especially genuine in your case. At that period, either deal with or make a feature of this considerations on what you've connected the quote in your individual or maybe expert methods. Your appearance do not have to be long - many people recently need to give your own perusers one thing to ponder and apply to their own particular lives.

4. Locate your many loved contacts. In the event that anyone impart interesting industry connections in your social profiles because the week advanced, you're perched over a potential goldmine of substance ideas - particularly around the off chance you have an on the net networking checking instrument, for example, Sprout Social [plans commence at $59 any month] create.

Toward the actual begin of any week, log to the zone of this observing guitar that stories investigation on your past posts and choose the all 5 to 20 contacts that got the most engagement on your social single profiles. Gather these in a "week by week connection round-up" write-up to impart on your site. It'll simply take a couple of minutes and - as experienced blogger Daphne Von Bargen calls care about - the results could be colossal!

5. Renovate a previous post. One very last thought to create substance throughout simply a couple of minutes is to look at a blog entry you could have written formerly, redesign it using your most recent components of knowledge as well as re-discharge it on your site.

In particular, say anyone run a program as-an supervision bookkeeping system and new enactment shows that influences suggestions you have made in previous blog word options. As opposed to reinventing the actual wheel together with new threads, simply backtrack you need to include a unscrambling passage (and as well as the date of this redesign) to the highest point of the article. Modify the send out date to help today's day, and you've gotten "another" compound piece in which spares anyone time while recently giving your own perusers as well as supporters with a great deal of significant info.

Top 10+ Best Torrent Website | Movie Download Websites in 2015 | Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2015

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2015

Torrent sites - torrent is a protocol based peer to peer File Sharing technique that is used to delivering high quality large amounts of data over the internet. The torrent is used for distribution of more popular any type of large files like audio files, mp3 files, video files, music, Movies, software, pdf, ebooks and some files available for free. 160 million world wide active users use this technology. It is more faster efficient and cheaper. Any torrent client capable of requesting and delivering any type of computer file over network with protocol. Torrent sites was responsible for 3.36% of all world wide total file sharing bandwidth.

Using Torrent Websites you can Download Music torrents, albums, audios, computer programs, musics, pdf (Portable Document Format) files, electronic books, CD and DVD's, Videos, movies, mp3 torrent files, TV programs, images, Games, byte codes and zip files. All below torrent sites Absolutely Free.

1 KickassTorrents   Alexa rank = 165 | Compete rank = 658 | US Visitors = 4.1 Million
KickassTorrents use the bittorrent protocol and provides torrent files and magnet links, it is a torrent Search Engine launched in 2008 which provide a user friendly interface that will make the search of torrents easier and organised. It is no a tracker and hosts no content. Kickass design unique and simple, using it you can Download Free Movies without lost your important time. Kickass available in 30 languages and millions of US visitors use this website to download torrents.

2 ThePiratebay   Alexa rank = 2K | Compete rank = 5K | US Unique Visitors = 444K is the world most popular torrent tracker directory on the web where any user can download upload torrent files. It was developed by Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Svartholm in september 2003 in Sweden. The Piratebay servers support SSL encryption. More than 5,944,321 lakh unique visitors use this site to download videos, movies, mp3 files much more. Thepiratebay provides movie torrent files to facilitate ptp file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

3 Torrentz   Alexa rank = 210 | Compete rank = 1,234 | US Unique Visitors = 2.5 Million is a fast, free and more powerful Meta Search Engine that is developed by flippy in july, 2003. This indexing 27,208,730 active torrents from 30 domains it is similar to google. It is not a torrent directory and tracker. Website design very simple and consists of two blocks a user menu and search panel, Torrentz search technology can use without registration. Torrentz provide advanced torrent search tool for mozilla firefox and linux.

  1. Extratorrent - Alexa rank =339 | Compete rank =3,267 | US Unique Visitors =901K is another directory based most popular torrent website. 1 million US unique visitors use this. Extratorrent can be used with or without registration,it more fast and robust.
  2. YTS-Torrents - Alexa rank = 704 | Compete rank = 3,186 | US Unique Visitors = 691K
    YTS is safe most popular torrent website using it you can download and browse 3D quality, 1080, 720 DVD and movies files. YTS provide chat area, facebook like page, RSS feed, and comprehensive data backup schedule services. It is developed in 2011.
  3. - Alexa rank = 1,796 | Compete rank = 5,812 | US Unique Visitors = 335K is torrent index, magnet links provide site anyone can use this with or without create account. Using it you can download any Tv program torrent. Service = Free.
  4. - Alexa rank = 1,515 | Compete rank = 6,445 | US Unique Visitors = 341K is completely free, fast, secure and powerful torrent finder. On this website you can't upload .exe files. more popular in European countries.
  5. - Alexa rank = 3,580 | Compete rank = 5,521 | US Unique Visitors = 401K is a canadian based site founded by Gary Fung in january 2003. It is P2P search engine and provide more powerful service to download hollywood movies and HD videos and DVD files.
  6. Bitsnoop - Alexa rank = 4,152 | Compete rank = 5,136 | US Unique Visitors = 415K is a torrent search engine founded in 2008 by Kinda. Bitsnoop has more intelligent search and cross-referencing algorithms that able to track urls clustered trackers and DNS aliases. 10 million world wide and 441,573 unique US users use this safe torrent site.
  7. Torrenthound Alexa rank = 2,177| Compete rank = 5,159 | US Unique Visitors = 432K
  8. Torrentreactor Alexa rank = 6,945 | Compete rank =5,245 | US Unique Visitors =431K was founded in 2003 using it you can find all the torrents from other sites. It give more reliable result for you. 431,399 lakh unique US visitors use this website.
  9. IPTorrents - Alexa rank = 3,122 | Compete rank = NA | US Unique Visitors = 145K is subscription based torrent indexing search engine. It is secure, fast robust.
  10. Limetorrents - Alexa rank = 4,515 | US Compete rank = 6K | US Unique Visitors =341K
    Limetorrents developed in march 2009. It provide quick browse facility to easily access top torrent files such as tv shows applications, anime, music. 24,781 people like limetorrents facebook page. limetorrents is a free torrent directory search engine. 1.5 million world wide unique visitors use this website.
  11.   Alexa rank = 5,103 | US Unique Visitors = 237K is a torrent search engine and directory founded in 2005. Using its anyone can find movies, videos, audios, software and PDF torrent file easily. This site collect more then 6,143,587 total torrents and 8000 torrent file added daily by seeds. Mininova rank down in US, only 237,542 unique monthly US visitors use this site.
  12. Alexa rank = 6756 | Compete rank = 6,016 | US Unique Visitors = 105K is a torrent directory tracker. This site provide multi tracker index facility you cannot put your comments on torrent files. using it you can download any type of 1024, 720 HD hollywood movies and bollywood movies, audios and songs. It safe torrent website.
  13. Gamestorrents Alexa rank = 5,248 | Compete rank = 41K | US Unique Visitors = 45K is most popular site for download games, 3D games. It was developed in may 2008. This site completely design for only game torrent downloads. 46,540 US unique visitors use this site.
  14. TorrentDownloads Alexa rank =4,313 | Compete r. =13K | US Unique Visitors =168K
  15.  Alexa rank = 6,745 | US Compete rank = 9,041
  16. Torrentfunk  Alexa rank = 8,667| US Compete rank = 11K | US Unique Visitors=205K
  17. Alexa rank = 529 | .In Compete rank = NA | .in Unique Visitors = NA is another free top torrent website this collect over 1 million verified torrent files. 11,000 people like torlock facebook page and 516 people like google+ page.

Blog Commenting Sites List | Top 10, 50, 100, Blog Commenting Site List 2015

Top 10 Best Blog Commenting site List in 2015

 Blog commenting is often a technique that creates discussion in between blogger, sites in addition to weblog visitors. Your blog commenting is best path to write about ideas in addition to concepts about larg subjects prepared to be a article. Blog commenting web sites are used by site owners to develop dofollow back-links to further improve hyperlink liquid in addition to website page get ranking searching motor end result internet pages (SERP). Your blog commenting web sites a good choice for web marketers in addition to brand new bloggers who are searching for a little added targeted visitors. Purely weblog remarks are usually a couple sorts nofollow weblog opinion in addition to dofollow weblog remarks. Dofollow weblog remarks go hyperlink liquid but nofollow hyperlink definitely not utilize by yahoo in order to go hyperlink liquid. And so the weblog commenting is a great strategy to create back-link making regarding WEB OPTIMIZATION in addition to drive site visitors to your website.

Importance of blog comments | Why Comment on blogs?

·        Blog comments can help to create dofollow backlinks that improve web page rank in search engine results pages and page rank . When you put comment, then use only content relevance blog commenting sites. Blog commenting sites can improve search engine optimization.
·        Blog commenting sites can also be a fantastic way to drive direct traffic to your site.
·        Note - you must use only high page rank(pr) and high alexa rank blog commenting sites.
·        Note - you must comment on only those blogs having relevant content or similar to your site.

·        Note - If you use large volume low quality unrelevant blog commenting websites to build dofollow backlinks then Google panda, hummingbird and pengium algorithm can decrease your site appearance in search engine results pages. So you must use high page rank dofollow blog commenting sites.

       Best Blog Commenting Site List

Blog Commenting Sites Page rank (8 & 7) Alexa rank
1 New Site
2 8 736
3 8 2122
4 8 8910
5 7 293
6 7 25021
Blog Commenting Sites Page rank (6 & 5) Alexa rank
1 6 1560
2 6 3411
3 6 3532
4 6 3212
5 6 4176
6 6 9586
7 6 12711
8 6 12924
9 6 17511
10 6 31111
11 6 38765
12 6 54101
13 6 54876
14 6 28811
15 6 62538
16 6 80322
17 6 80566
18 6 111219
19 6 113548
20 6 121231
21 6 173440
22 6 193110
23 6 123100
24 6 230611
25 6 278530
26 6 434765
27 5 1115
28 5 8914
29 5 26515
30 5 31511
31 5 86041
32 5 10410
33 5 20810
34 5 23413
35 5 25513
36 5 27017
37 5 28480
38 5 38811
39 5 53173
40 5 97451
41 5 98653
42 5 104987
43 5 133500
44 5 171213
45 5 179321
Blog Commenting Sites Page rank (4) Alexa rank
1 4 226
2 4 10106
3 4 11271
4 4 35801
5 4 20809
6 4 20661
7 4 22987
8 4 29224
9 4 39831
10 4 54001
11 4 55185
12 4 56526
13 4 61617
14 4 67765
15 4 86140
16 4 114551
17 4 130156
18 4 132126
19 4 146951
20 4 155987
21 4 194011
22 4 222513
23 4 232220
24 4 238121
25 4 294633
26 4 290436
27 4 238353
28 4 256555
29 4 310521
30 4 352515
31 4 610335
32 4 406876
Blog Commenting Sites Page rank (3 & 2) Alexa rank
1 3 2580
2 3 17011
3 3 17718
4 3 20079
5 3 32205
6 3 34069
7 3 35448
8 3 49878
9 3 61884
10 3 87663
11 3 97584
12 3 106772
13 3 116141
14 3 114503
15 3 126428
16 3 136116
17 3 154335
18 3 165173
19 3 174529
20 3 416765
21 3 1200601
22 2 9554
23 2 20800
24 2 26512
25 2 114470
26 2 125344
27 2 145765
28 2 177324
29 2 210070
30 2 247140
31 2 224029
32 2 238898
33 2 224029
34 2 300011
35 2 348228
36 2 392170
37 2 511543
38 2 561223
39 2 738233
40 2 750002
Blog Commenting Sites Page rank (1 & 0) Alexa rank
1 1 23552
2 1 67760
3 1 71718
4 1 471882
5 1 466982
6 1 475349
7 1 800443
8 1 1056691
9 1 1645211
10 0 NA
11 0 24663
12 0 36283
13 0 41645
14 0 55133
15 0 53161
16 0 104679
17 0 112099
18 0 1272343
19 0 176659
20 0 677647