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Best Photo Editing Software Programs List 2015 | Top 20 Best Free image Editing Software

Top 20 Best ever Photo-Image Editing Softwares-2014| List of photo software that you can download Free

Certainly, these top 20 best free image editing software programs are the best free photo editing tools for any graphics designer, animator, webmaster, developer or blogger.

And most importantly, these image editing software programs given in the list are absolutely free, popular, and the top best ones in class. Just Select the image editing program that suits your needs and click on the links to download free any of the photo image editing program from the below listed top 20 best photo image editor software programs.You can use these "photo editing programs" to edit any type of photo,image,picture or snaps,whether its for personal use,commercial use, or professional use. These top 20 image editing software programs are easy to use and you can use any of the listed photo editing program to create, retouch, edit, modify, or to give special photo effects to any types of image . Mostly these photo editing software programs and photo effects softwares are used in the photo editing for commonly used image formats.  

Top 10 photo editing software :

This list of top 10 best image editing software programs is freshly updated and is as per the no. of total downloads, best reviews provided by top editors and common users. ( by publishing the list here I am not making it as an authoritative list- just recommending these photo editing programs through my own experience, analysis and research on the topic). 

All These top 20 listed photo editing software are available for free of cost-100% free to all users! Other paid and premium photo editing software programs haven’t included here in this list.I hope your quest for finding the best free digital photo editor software ends here after browsing as many as 20 free image editor programs listed here!
#1. PhotoScape
#2. Irfan View
#3. Paint.NET
#4. Photo Pos Pro
#5. GIMP
#6. Fast Stone Image Viewer
#7. Photobie
#8. Pixia
#9. InkScape
#10. Xn View