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Top 10+ Best Torrent Website | Movie Download Websites in 2015 | Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2015

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2015

Torrent sites - torrent is a protocol based peer to peer File Sharing technique that is used to delivering high quality large amounts of data over the internet. The torrent is used for distribution of more popular any type of large files like audio files, mp3 files, video files, music, Movies, software, pdf, ebooks and some files available for free. 160 million world wide active users use this technology. It is more faster efficient and cheaper. Any torrent client capable of requesting and delivering any type of computer file over network with protocol. Torrent sites was responsible for 3.36% of all world wide total file sharing bandwidth.

Using Torrent Websites you can Download Music torrents, albums, audios, computer programs, musics, pdf (Portable Document Format) files, electronic books, CD and DVD's, Videos, movies, mp3 torrent files, TV programs, images, Games, byte codes and zip files. All below torrent sites Absolutely Free.

1 KickassTorrents   Alexa rank = 165 | Compete rank = 658 | US Visitors = 4.1 Million
KickassTorrents use the bittorrent protocol and provides torrent files and magnet links, it is a torrent Search Engine launched in 2008 which provide a user friendly interface that will make the search of torrents easier and organised. It is no a tracker and hosts no content. Kickass design unique and simple, using it you can Download Free Movies without lost your important time. Kickass available in 30 languages and millions of US visitors use this website to download torrents.

2 ThePiratebay   Alexa rank = 2K | Compete rank = 5K | US Unique Visitors = 444K is the world most popular torrent tracker directory on the web where any user can download upload torrent files. It was developed by Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Svartholm in september 2003 in Sweden. The Piratebay servers support SSL encryption. More than 5,944,321 lakh unique visitors use this site to download videos, movies, mp3 files much more. Thepiratebay provides movie torrent files to facilitate ptp file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

3 Torrentz   Alexa rank = 210 | Compete rank = 1,234 | US Unique Visitors = 2.5 Million is a fast, free and more powerful Meta Search Engine that is developed by flippy in july, 2003. This indexing 27,208,730 active torrents from 30 domains it is similar to google. It is not a torrent directory and tracker. Website design very simple and consists of two blocks a user menu and search panel, Torrentz search technology can use without registration. Torrentz provide advanced torrent search tool for mozilla firefox and linux.

  1. Extratorrent - Alexa rank =339 | Compete rank =3,267 | US Unique Visitors =901K is another directory based most popular torrent website. 1 million US unique visitors use this. Extratorrent can be used with or without registration,it more fast and robust.
  2. YTS-Torrents - Alexa rank = 704 | Compete rank = 3,186 | US Unique Visitors = 691K
    YTS is safe most popular torrent website using it you can download and browse 3D quality, 1080, 720 DVD and movies files. YTS provide chat area, facebook like page, RSS feed, and comprehensive data backup schedule services. It is developed in 2011.
  3. - Alexa rank = 1,796 | Compete rank = 5,812 | US Unique Visitors = 335K is torrent index, magnet links provide site anyone can use this with or without create account. Using it you can download any Tv program torrent. Service = Free.
  4. - Alexa rank = 1,515 | Compete rank = 6,445 | US Unique Visitors = 341K is completely free, fast, secure and powerful torrent finder. On this website you can't upload .exe files. more popular in European countries.
  5. - Alexa rank = 3,580 | Compete rank = 5,521 | US Unique Visitors = 401K is a canadian based site founded by Gary Fung in january 2003. It is P2P search engine and provide more powerful service to download hollywood movies and HD videos and DVD files.
  6. Bitsnoop - Alexa rank = 4,152 | Compete rank = 5,136 | US Unique Visitors = 415K is a torrent search engine founded in 2008 by Kinda. Bitsnoop has more intelligent search and cross-referencing algorithms that able to track urls clustered trackers and DNS aliases. 10 million world wide and 441,573 unique US users use this safe torrent site.
  7. Torrenthound Alexa rank = 2,177| Compete rank = 5,159 | US Unique Visitors = 432K
  8. Torrentreactor Alexa rank = 6,945 | Compete rank =5,245 | US Unique Visitors =431K was founded in 2003 using it you can find all the torrents from other sites. It give more reliable result for you. 431,399 lakh unique US visitors use this website.
  9. IPTorrents - Alexa rank = 3,122 | Compete rank = NA | US Unique Visitors = 145K is subscription based torrent indexing search engine. It is secure, fast robust.
  10. Limetorrents - Alexa rank = 4,515 | US Compete rank = 6K | US Unique Visitors =341K
    Limetorrents developed in march 2009. It provide quick browse facility to easily access top torrent files such as tv shows applications, anime, music. 24,781 people like limetorrents facebook page. limetorrents is a free torrent directory search engine. 1.5 million world wide unique visitors use this website.
  11.   Alexa rank = 5,103 | US Unique Visitors = 237K is a torrent search engine and directory founded in 2005. Using its anyone can find movies, videos, audios, software and PDF torrent file easily. This site collect more then 6,143,587 total torrents and 8000 torrent file added daily by seeds. Mininova rank down in US, only 237,542 unique monthly US visitors use this site.
  12. Alexa rank = 6756 | Compete rank = 6,016 | US Unique Visitors = 105K is a torrent directory tracker. This site provide multi tracker index facility you cannot put your comments on torrent files. using it you can download any type of 1024, 720 HD hollywood movies and bollywood movies, audios and songs. It safe torrent website.
  13. Gamestorrents Alexa rank = 5,248 | Compete rank = 41K | US Unique Visitors = 45K is most popular site for download games, 3D games. It was developed in may 2008. This site completely design for only game torrent downloads. 46,540 US unique visitors use this site.
  14. TorrentDownloads Alexa rank =4,313 | Compete r. =13K | US Unique Visitors =168K
  15.  Alexa rank = 6,745 | US Compete rank = 9,041
  16. Torrentfunk  Alexa rank = 8,667| US Compete rank = 11K | US Unique Visitors=205K
  17. Alexa rank = 529 | .In Compete rank = NA | .in Unique Visitors = NA is another free top torrent website this collect over 1 million verified torrent files. 11,000 people like torlock facebook page and 516 people like google+ page.