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Top 40+ Free Social Apps | List of social networking websites 2015 | Social Networking List 2015 | Best Social networking Site in India and World

Social networking applications give users a place to join an online community and establish a contact list, build photo galleries and share personal updates. AppAppeal ranks all social networking apps based on worldwide popularity.

Google Plus gives users another social network to j

Google Plus gives users another social network to join.
4Talk IM is a world-wide chat app that offers a few convenient features. Send images, voice messages, text messages a...
Google Profile allows users to create a public profile to display personal information.
Dot429 provides members of the LGBTA community with a place to congregate and read interesting content. The site con...
Twitter lets you send short messages to a group of friends. It is more immediate and intimate than blogging.
6. is one of the most popular social networks that connects people with friends, old classmates, colleagues...
7. allows its users to build and customize fantastic looking web communities without any downloads or programming.
Empire Avenue is an app that drives traffic to social media profiles and websites.
MeetMe, formerly My Yearbook, is a social network aimed primarily at teens.
TalentSplash gives talented individuals a place to market their abilities. Users can also look for talent for project...
11. combines features of traditional websites, blogs, collaboration software and social networks.
Sharing Giggles is a way to help parents and others save and share memories of children as they grow and reach milest...
Hubbub is a social networking app that allows users to interact with sound, uploading and downloading shot audio clip...
Coderwall is an application that provides developers and any associated teams the opportunity to specify their skills...
LikeALittle is an anonymous flirt and chat tool that is gaining widespread popularity among university students..
Orkut is a social networking service owned by Google.
17. provides users with a chance to meet others who share their political beliefs. The site matches users up with...
18. is a platform where users can share short updates with an optional photo or video.
Netlog is a social network focused on young people in Europe. The application lets users build profiles, add images a...
Piczo is a website for teenagers and the youth. It aims at empowering teens and young people.
PeopleJar is a search platform for individuals and organizations to be found and find others by specific attributes f...
22. enable users to locate and interact with acquaintances from high school and college.
MySpace gives internet users a place to network and enjoy music. The site presents music-related news and photos alon...
Ning gives users an easy way to build a social hub for their business, group or brand. The application lets the user ...
GROU.PS is an online community site creator.
Blackplanet is the largest Black community online.
27. is a service you can use to collect, promote and connect elements of your digital life on one page.
Gather is a compilation of news stories from many different perspectives.
TagWorld is a social network that is focused on tags. Users can add content, converse and access content by tags.
30. is a community based on finding your common ground with other people in order to help make the world more t...
GetGlue helps you find your next favorite movie, music album, book or other every day thing.
32. connects communities together.
Hi5 is an international social network site. Users can share their interests, photos, videos and music while playing ...
Bebo is an online social network service. Bebo is especially popular in the UK and Ireland.
Tarpipe makes it easy to share content across different social media applications.
Everloop is a safe social networking site for children.
PeerIndex is an authority and reputation rating platform.
38. allows users to read their Orkut, Facebook, MySpace and other social network messages all in one place.
Togetherville is a social online community for families where parents create safe online neighborhoods for their kids.
ScuttlePad is an online network for 6?11 year?old kids.
Path allows you to capture your life’s most personal moments and share them with the 50 close friends and family in y...
Mix graphics, videos, photos, music and text into Glogs.
Tagged is a social network that encourages users to meet new people. Users can chat, send messages, add friends and p...
Soovox is an online influencer network where your voice is heard by the brands you love and rewarded.
Noteleaf provides a service to take notes about people and keep in touch using follow-up reminders.
RendezVous353 is an Irish global networking site connecting the worldwide Irish diaspora.
47. is an online portal that converts every day social activities into financial help for charitable causes.
MeetYourFriends is an online social community where you can meet, chat and flirt with people from across the world.