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Google Adwords Question Answer 2015 | Adwords Fundamentals Test Anwser | Latest Adwords Fundamentals Test Tips

What are the benefits for advertising on Google Adwords? (3)

1. Reach people at the precise moment they're searching for what you offer

2. Control Budget

3. See exactly what's working in your ad, and build on it

What is Primary Objective of Search Engine. Homepage is?

• Help users find information, products or services quickly and accurately.

Describe process of Google Search homepage for users?

o Users -type "Query" (word or Phrase)
o Search Engine = Display results relevant to query
• Oragnic/Free and Search Ads Displayed separate

Do oragnic results have bearing on the ranking of paid ad?


Over How many factors is an ads "Relevancy determined by?

Over 200 Factors 
---Example Page Rank for a Giving Page
o Measure of the importance of page based on incoming links from other pages

Name a few of Specialized Google Services users can also search?

Google Image, Google News, Google Maps, YouTube

What is Google adwords?

•Googles Online Advertising Program/Platform - effective ads and serves them to people who are already searching online for information related to business

Where can Google Ads Appear?

•Rights side of page and sometimes in a Highlighted box above organic search lisiting

• and partner sites in Google Search and Display Networks, websites, 

•When Actively searching or simply reading content on a site

•Mobile devices or watching video on YouTube or using favorite app

Is there a minimum amount to Spend in Google Adwords ?

• No minimum amount to spend
• You set an avearage daily budget and choose how to spend

How does Google Decide which ad to show and thier order?

Every time an AdWords ad appears, it goes through what we call the ad auction, a process that decides which ads will appear and in which order

What is an Auction in relation to Ads on Google

•Every time users Search Adwords runs an auction to determine
(1)Ads to show on results page and
(2) Rank on the page

To Place ad in Auction what do you have to decide first?

type of customer action you'd like to pay for or "Bidding Options"
CPC - Cost Per Click
CPM - Cost per Impression (Display Network campaigns only)
CPA - Cost-Per- Acquistions; Conversions you receive how many

What is Maximum Cost Per Click Bid?

* $ highest amount willing to pay for an ad click
* Charged only the amount necessary to keep your ad its position on the page

How much can you be charged when using Max CPC Bid?

* Charged only the amount necessary to keep your ad its position on the page

What is Actual CPC? How much do you pay$?

The Final amount you're charged for a click
Pay no more than what's needed to rank higher than the advertiser immediately below you.

What is used to determine CPC cost per click?

Ads - Quality score and Ad Rank

What are the main Compenents of Ad Rank?

The main components of Ad Rank are your bids and the quality of your ads, keywords, and website.

When it comes to Auction what is the most important thing to remember?

-auction process uses both quality and bids to determine your ad's position

If the advertiser immediately below you bids US$2.00, and if that advertiser's ad is the same quality as yours, how much do you need to bid to keep the same position?

a penny more than $2.00 that's the most you'll pay (about US$2.01)
whether your bid is US$3.00, US$5.00 or more.

True or False: minimum Ad Rank required for ads above search results is generally greater than the minimum Ad Rank required for ads beside search results.


List the three things you can do to control your $ COST?

1. Set a daily budget to control how much you spend
2. Fine tune your bids
3. Create more relevant ads to get the most for your money

When it comes to adwords name three ways your in control ?

1. Budget-No limit spending amount 
2. Cost-Per-Click
3. Ad quality

Your Daily Budget defines:

- the amount you're willing to spend each day, on average,
o - For each ad campaign in your account.
o - The size of your budget is entirely up to you
- and you can edit this amount whenever you like.

Budget Puts a limit on:

how much you can accrue in click costs
Acutal CPC - will likely vary from auction to auction

Explain what it means when google Over Delivery of your ad?

Google may allow up to 20% more clicks in a day than your daily budget specifies.

What is the most you can be charged of the delivery of your ad? (Formula)

You're never charged more than the average number of days in a month (roughly 30.4) x daily budget
- Exp: $10 per x 30.4 = $304 a month (maximum amount charged)

When or How should your account be set up to be able to set a Maximum CPC bid - Max Cost Per Click Bidding

If you use the cost-per-click bidding option,

If you lower your Max CPC Bidding what may happen to your ads?

* May cause your ads to show up in a lower position on the first page of search
* From Top - to Side or bottom position
* be removed from the first page search results.

In general, a higher maximum CPC bid can allow your ad to show?

at a higher position on the page.

How does Automatic Bidding Work?

* Bids automatically updated, based on the daily budget set
* System will actively seek out the most clicks possible on budget

How can you raise your ads position? With and w/o affect $ (2)

* You can raise your maximum CPC bid = ad to show at a higher position 
* Improve the quality of your ads, keywords, and settings, without increasing costs.
* Improve "Quality Score" - higher quality of ad = ad position

If ad position is 8 on what page may it appear?

• If Average positiong is below 8 
o below 8 may not apear on first page 
o Increase bid may help on ad position

How does google measure the QUALITY of your ad?

1. Ad, key word, landing page need to be RELEVANT
2. Measured by a quality score - seen on account

What are 3 main benefits of using AdWords to address your marketing objectives:

2. ROI - Return Over Investment 
3. Reach

A Benefit of using Adwords is "Relevance" from an advertiser persepective why?

The abily to Target Ads Users based on - user interests, - location, -demographic.

What are three types of Relevant Targeting Options does Google Adwords Offer? to help reach customers

Respond directly to what a user is looking for with highly relevant ads
Reach users across the Google Display Network as they read about specific topics related their products or services

o Location-specific messaging can be used to encourage in-store sales by reaching users with a location-specific offer when they're on the go with a smartphone or tablet.

Name ways you can tell your are obtaining benefit of ROI - Return on Investment when using Google Adwords?

•Online Advertising is measurable 
-Know if meeting your advertising goals. 
-User's click can be tied to a particular ad, keyword, and search query, - Optimize to according to goals
*Spot a trends
-you can create, modify, or delete keywords, ads, and campaign targeting selections 
-Respond quickly to changes and trends and 
*Improve your ROI even after your campaign has started

Describe how google enables to obtain the benefit of "Reach" through adwords.

•Reach internet users - billions of searches millions of videos (display network)
•Target any segment - of www audience looking relevant content about products, services, information, and websites. 
•Get Presence products or services - Relevant searches or Pursue interest online (display)
•Visible in points of buying cycle - target audiences at all the crucial points in the buying
- Be it awareness, consideration, or purchase

Define Keyword -

terms or phrases you want to prompt your ad to appear. 
- "fresh flower delivery"

Define Placement -

• another way for you to control where your ads appear. 
• Usually a website where you'd like your ad to appear.

Define Image Ad / Display Ad

• A graphical ad, which can be static or animated, that runs on the Google Display Network

Adwords Accounts are organized in ______ & _______

Campaigns & Ad Groups

Campaign - * Each has... Can multiple run at same time?

o Each has its own daily budget and targeting preferences.
o Can have multiple campaigns running 
o Might create one campaign for each product or service

Define Ad Groups

• Sets of related ads, keywords, and placements.
• within each campaign, you have one or more ad groups,

Define Impressions

• The number of times an ad is displayed on Google or the Google Network. 
• Monitor your impressions to see how many people your ad is shown to

Define Click

• If a customer sees your ad and clicks on it to learn more or to do business with you, 
• Recorded in your account as a click. 
• Monitor your clicks to see how many people choose to enter your website from your ad.

Define Click Through Rate CTR - How is it Calculated?

• Metric that helps show how your ads are performing. 
• The more relevant your ads = more often users click on them, = higher CTR
o Number of ad clicks/number of impressions x 100.

Define Cost-per-click (CPC) Bidding

•AdWords charges you for each click your ads receive. 
•You won't incur any costs if your ad is displayed and users don't click it.
•CPC bidding is the default for ads running on Google and the Search Network. 
-Campaigns that focus on getting a direct response from their audience, 
*A sale, sign-up, or other action.

Define Maximum cost-per-click (maximum CPC)

• The highest amount that you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. 
• Set a maximum CPC: Within an ad group
- for individual keywords 
- or for all the keywords

Define Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) Bidding ; For which type of Campaigns is it available for?

• With some campaigns choose to pay for views of your ad rather than clicks.
• The maximum CPM - most willing to pay for each thousand impressions, or views of ad. 
• CPM bidding is only available:
-Campaigns that target the Display Network ONLY
-NOT Google search or search partner sites.

Define Quality Score

•Basis for measuring the quality of:
- your keyword and ad 
- determining your cost-per-clicks (CPCs). 
•Quality Score is determined by:
- your keyword's clickthrough rate (CTR),
- relevance of your ad text,
- historical keyword performance, 
- and other relevancy factors. 
•+ The higher your Quality Score, = the lower the price you'll pay per click.

Define First Page Bid Estimates

•cost-per-click (CPC) bid needed for your ad to reach the first page of Google search
--when the search query exactly matches your keyword.

What are first page bid estimate based on?

-The Quality Score
-Current advertiser competition for that keyword.

Define Optimization

•process of creating/editing keywords and ad text 
•or adjusting other parts of the account to improve the performance of AdWords ads.

Describe overview of what "Google Search Ads are"

advertise next to or above relevant Google search results
•across a network of partner search sites. 
•Reach customers on all the devices they use to search for information.
oComputer, Tablet, or mobile phone 
- Computer - Top and side
- Tablet - top and Side
- Mobile Phone - top only

Describe overview of what "Google Display Ads are

The Google Display Network lets you place ads on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the internet. 
• Text Ads on websites
• Image Ads on websites
• Video Ads on websites
• Ads on Mobile websites

In order to understand how Adwords Works what are some of the key-building blocks you must understand?

Important to Familiarize with:
•keywords, placements, Ad Rank, bids, and Quality Score.

How do KEYWORDS trigger your ad to appear? 
On Search:
On Google Network

Keyword - words or pharse you choose to trigger ad Show on search and other sites 
•Google Search - When user search for keyword or similar term ad might appear next to Google search results. 
•Google Network - ad can also appear on other websites in the Google Network that are related to "Keywords" fresh flower delivery.

If Keywords are more specific than general they can in turn help:

Show your ad to the people who are most interested in your product or service. 
-This improves your ad's performance
-and helps your advertising dollars go further

How are placements on Google Display Network Determined?

•Google Picks - placement automatically determine match keywords sites in Display Network.
•You Pick - can set bids for each and choose the sites where your ads might appear.

What does an ad Placement Consit of?

•Placements = Ads show on other sites across the Internet - 
o Placement consist of an entire website or just part of a site. 
o These Websites a are all part of Display Network.

Where can Ad placement appear?

- Google-owned, - YouTube
- Google's partner sites, or, 
- These Websites a are all part of Display Network.

How does Google determines which ads appear in which positions?

Google determines whose ad will appear based on Ad Rank

Formula Ad Rank is based on a combination of?

BID - (how much you're willing to spend)
QUALITY SCORE (a measurement of the quality of your ads, keywords, and website). 

Depending on where your ad shows and the type of targeting that you use, the formula for Ad Rank can vary a bit

How does Bid and Quality Score differ when ads/campaigns are setup:

Keyword Targeted CPC on Google Search 
Placement Targeted CPM on Display

--Bid = (CPC) maximum cost-per-click bid = the maximum pay for a click
--Qualtiy Score = relevance of keywords, quality of landing page, ad's clickthrough rate (CTR), adjusted for position on the page, other factors 

--Bid = Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)
--Quality Score = is simply based on the quality of your landing page.

You pay the loweset amount possible for the best position based on ________ & ___________

Quality Score and bid.

When people search on Google Search what two type of results for they see as results?

•Organic Search/Free - results appear links on search results pages - NOT Google Advertising
•Adwords ads - appear under "Ads" label placed on top or right side

How do Organic Search Results:
-Matched to query 

Search results:
•Appear - Middle of page on the Google page (see links to webpages)
•Google Matches - links to webpages to a person's search based on text on the page and links to that page 
•Results ordered - by relevance to the search term and popularity

•Search results are Independent of Google's advertising programs.

In Organich Search results use may also see may include:

(in additon to links to sites)

•In addition to links user may see: Relevant results 
on a map that lists local business locations, contact information, and driving directions.

How do Paid Ads:
-Matched to query 

•Appear - under the "Ads" label alongside, above, or below free search results.
- AdWords advertiser sign up adwords homepage 
•Google matches - ads to a person's search based on how closely the search matches the keywords and campaign settings for ad
•Results ordered - based on a combination of CPC bid and relevance

A number 1 means your Ad Position is:

•1 = position your ad is the first ad on a page

Ad Postion is:

•order in which your ad shows up on a page.

Possible Positions for ad are:

Appear top, side or on the bottom of the page.

Ad position is determined by

•Ad position is determined by your Ad Rank in the auction. 

- Ad Rank = score based on Bid + Quality Score

*Bid - CPC -Cost Per Click bidding
 how much you're willing to pay for a single click on your ad. 
*Quality Score measure of how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to what a user is searching for.

To Improve your ad position you can?

-Increase can increase your bid,
or try to Improve Quality Score.

Ad Rank determines:

•Google Runs an Auction each time users "Google Search" for keyword or phrase
•AdRank - determines order in which ads appear on the search results page 

Ad Rank is calculated

Bid + Quality Score

Quality Score is the relation between what factors

relevancy usefulness of add + Keywords + website landing page
and likelihood that users will click on ad

A higher ad rank results in

Higher Rank = Higher Placement

The Six steps of an Ad Auction

1 The search: 
2. Ads are whittled down: 
3. Ads whittled even more:
4. Ads are ordered:
5. Ads appear!
6. Repeat the process:

Keep in Mind - AdRank and Display Network

Display Network -AdRank 

•B/C diversity of websites on the Google Display Network, 
•Average position may be less useful in optimizing for performance on this network.
• If you want to measure performance on the Display Network,
- focusing on metrics such as conversions and ROI.

Where can you find average ad postion when logged in Adwords Account?

In your AdWords account, see what your average ad position is. 

1.Sign in to your AdWords account at
2.Click the Campaigns tab at the top.
3..Look for the Avg. Pos. column in the statistics table. If you don't see this column in your table, you can add this column by clicking the Columns button in the toolbar above the statistics table

Average ad position
--You can also click the Ads or Keywords tab to see your average position by ads or by keywords. 
-To see how often your ads have appeared on the top of the page, on the side of the page, or on the bottom of the page, you can segment your data

In the Google Network you can Reach your customers when:

no matter what they'r doing on the web = 
• search,
• shop, 
• read the news
• browse interesting websites
Where adwords can appear on Google sites,webpages that partner with us, placements like mobile phone apps.

The Google Network is Divided in to

---Google Search, Google Shooping, Google Maps, Google Groups
--Search sites that partner with google (search partners)
exp AOL
---Google Sites (YouTube, Blogger and Gmail)
---Thousands of partnering website

Why does it Matter - Understanding How Google Network works (Search & Display)

Why it Matters
• better chance of turning viewers into customers.
• connect with customers at the exact moment when they're doing an activity online that relates to product/ service offered
• ads can be shown in relevant places

understanding what our network is and how you can control your network settings, you can take advantage of this world of interested customers

How its Used - The Google Network

How it is Used
•For Each Campaign Choose Network Settings ; tell google where you'd like ad to show
•-Google Search- , shopping or the entire Search Network
*(including other Google search sites like Maps and Images, and search sites that partner with Google),

•-Display Network-,Only 

•Or all networks.

The Google Search Network 
Ads Appear on:
Ads are matched:
Ad Format:

•Ads Appear on: group of search-related websites where your ads can appear, 
oGoogle search sites 
oSearch Partners - search sites that partner with Google to show ads,

• Ads matched to search results based on the terms a person uses to search. 
•Ad Format: Text ads are the the main ad format used on the Google Search Network.

When a campaign is targeted to "Google Search" Network you need to add

oAdd Keywords to Campaign - Adgroups
oBased on keywords you chose = ads appear on google or other search sites:

Within the Google Search Network in Google "Search Sites" where can ads appear?
Name sites / location of ad

Ads can appear alongside, above, or below search results on 
o-Google Search, 
o-Google Shopping, 
o-Google Maps,
o-Google Images, 
o-and Google Groups.

Within the GOOGLE SEARCH NETWORK -On Google's Search Partner: Ads can appear?
Names partners' sites / location of ad

On Google's Search Partner: Ads can appear alongside, above, or below search results on 

On other sites that are part of the Search Network (search partners): such as AOL.

STEPS - Settings to appear on search partner network

1. Settings to appear on Search Partners *(PIC on 1note)
o-Navigate to the "Networks" section of your campaign's settings page 
o-checkbox for "Include search partners" is selected
By Default option is selected when 
When create a "Search Network only" or "Search & Display Networks" campaign). 
Sites on the Search Network show mostly text ads,
Typically labeled as "Ads" on Google Search as well as on search partners' sites. Google Images can also include image ads.

What is Google Instant?

Google Instant helps people find information faster by showing relevant results as they type a search term on Google search. 
1. Someone starts to type
2. Automatically popular search that begins with those letters. 
3. An algorithm tries to predict what the rest of the term 
i. Turkey

How does Google Instant predict what ads to show.. How does it influence what ads to show? Flow...

Instant ad predicted:
•Algorithm predicts text is shown in light grey in the search box, 
•search results and ads are automatically shown for that predicted term.
•Ads - Google Instant won't change the way ads are served, ads and search results can show for a predicted search term.
For example, if someone types "flow" into Google, an algorithm predicts that the user is searching for "flowers" (the predicted search term) and therefore displays search listings and ads for flowers. 
• Those results will continue to show unless the next letters that the user types lead to a different predicted term.

How does Google Instant help users

For User 
• Look down see results (LOL - don't have to press enter
• Let you refine search as you type 
• adapt search with more precisions

When does Google consider "Google Instant Ad" as an Impression. What has to happen?

•Click Anywhere -The person begins to type a search term on Google and clicks anywhere on the page (a search result, an ad, a spell correction, a related search).

•Click Search/Enter/Predicted Term -The person chooses a particular search term by clicking the Search button, pressing Enter, or selecting one of the predicted terms.

•Stop Typing, Results 3 Sec - The person stops typing, and the results are displayed for a minimum of three seconds.

How does Google Instant improve you campaign performance?

Google Instant might increase or decrease your overall impression levels.

However, Instant can improve the quality of your clicks since it helps people search using terms that more directly connect them with the answers they need. 

Therefore, your overall campaign performance could improve.

What is Display Network?

The Display Network is a collection of: 
•partner websites and specific Google websites that show AdWords ads.

Google Specific websites including Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube 
o mobile sites and apps

The Google Display Network allows you to (3)

* REACH NEW CUSTOMERS: Capture someone's attention at different points in the buying cycle. 
oFor example, if you run an art supply store, you can catch a mom's eye when she's reading reviews about the best brands of washable paints, but before she puts her toddler in the car seat and heads out to buy.

•SELECT WHERE ADS APPEAR: you choose more specifically where you want your ads to appear 
- select types of pages or specific websites for your ads 
- select audiences to show your ads to.
--Text, image, video, or rich media formats can appear on the Display Network.

What is the "Reach" of the Display Network?

-Internet Users?
-#Languages and Countries?

•Millions of partner websites, news pages, and blogs to Google websites including Gmail and YouTube, the Display Network 
•Display network reaches 83% of unique Internet users around the world (source: DoubleClick Ad Planner), 
•People speaking more than 20 languages in over 100 countries. 
•To help make sure your ads appear on high-quality sites and products, all websites and products in the Display Network are reviewed and monitored by Google.

What options does google offer to Match your ad to sites in the Display Network?

*Ad group has keywords or topics and its campaign is set to show on Display 
*Adwords matches ads to relevant sites in the Display Network 
-Based on Ads - keywords or topics, among other factors.
-Bsed on Ads - Language and location targeting
*Google analyzes the content of each webpage to determine its central theme, 
*Select webpages, online videos, games, RSS feeds, and mobile sites and apps
*Block your ads from sites NOT relevant.
*Use automatic and managed placements together
*You can assign a different bid to a specific webpage - make ad more competive
*Create a "Remarketing Campaign": o interest categories, 
-Reach ppl who have previously visited your site as they browse other sites 
1. Place code on website , 
2.Vistor to your website code added to computer 
3. See add when on other site 
4. Promted to visit your site again
*Adding "Interest categories"
--Reach people interested in products and services similar to those your business offers
--Even when these people are browsing websites or using apps not directly related to these products and services.

Two types of specific Display Network Sites should be aware of whichs ads can appear

Parked Domains and Error pages

What are Parked Domians?

• Parked Domains
• An undeveloped webpage that belongs to a domain name registrar or domain name holder.
• Our AdSense for Domains program places AdWords ads on parked domain sites that are part of the Google Display Network.
• Parked domain sites offer ads that can be relevant to a person's search
• Depending on the design of the site, a parked domain site can be classified as either a Search Network site or a Display Network site.

What are Error Pages ? google adwords

• Error Pages
o AdSense for errors program shows AdWords ads
o when people enter an unregistered URL or a search term in their browser's address bar rather than in a search engine such as Google.
o Previously, these searches would result in error pages
 (for example, a "404 error" page),
would leave the person no other option but to do another search
o Now, these pages offer ads that can be relevant
o AdSense for errors uses Google's technology to interpret search terms before delivering targeted, contextually relevant ads to people.
o These pages display ads through AdSense for errors belong toDisplay Network

How can you exclude Parked Domains or Error Pages?

 At the Campaign level ...?
 Tools: Site Category Exclusion 
 Select: Campain
 Page Types Tab: Check off

What types of ads can be shown on the Display Network

• Text Ads
• Images Ads = ads that include photos or artwork
• Rich Media Ads = ads with animation or other types of motion
• Video Ads

Display Network is right for you if ,,,,,,,,,,,

interested in attracting customers and delivering a compelling message about your business, 

-video or image ads -- can really boost the performance of your online ad campaigns and leave an impression on customers.

What are some common goals that you can achieve by advertising on the Display Network:

o Sell more products or services
o Build customer loyalty
o Engage with customers
o Increase brand awareness

You can mesaure effectiveness of advertising on Display Network by?

By segmenting your ad's performance by network, and by tracking its performance on individual Display Network placements, you can see when and where it performs best. 
 what webpages your ad ran, 
 which ads deliver the most clicks
 which sites give you the most sales for the lowest cost. 
Then, you can adjust your targeting and bidding strategy to get the most bang for your buck.

oData shows a click from a Google Network page is less likely to turn into:
o business Result: online sales, registrations, phone calls, or newsletter signups 
oGoogle May automatically reduce bid for that site, charging less for same click.


Learn from fellow advertisers' experience by checking out these examples of advertisers who found the Display Network was right for them:
•Carnival Cruise Lines used contextual targeting on the Google Display Network to increase bookings by 284% in five weeks, saw a 72% decrease in cost per conversion, and 36% increase in leads.
•The Jordan Brand used the Google Display Network to target niche audiences and improve brand awareness and engagement.
•Yankee Candle used remarketing on the Google Display Network to re-engage shoppers, increase conversion rates by 600%, and cut cost-per-conversion in half.

Name ways you are is in Control of Targeting ads when on Display Network

still in control of your ad targeting
•Narrow or expand focus changing the countries or regions for your campaigns.
oYour ads appear DN based campaign location settings.
•Choose specific websites where you'd like your ads to appear
o Chose sites sites where you'd like to prevent your ads from appearing.
• Select specific types of audiences to reach with your ads.

What are the Campaign Types you must select to be able Show on Display Network? (4)

Campaign Types to be able Show on Display Network
If you have a different campaign type from the ones listed above, you won't be able to show your ads on the Display Network.
• Search & Display Networks - All features"
• "Display Network only - All features"
• "Display Network only - Mobile apps"
• "Display Network only - Remarketing

Where can ads appear on Google Display Network?

Where are network sites available through?

• Ads on the Display Network appear on websites and webpages - not search results pages. 
•Appear Automatic or Managed placements only if site part of the Display Network. 
o Includes Sites available through Google AdSense,
o Includes AdSense for domains 
o Includes AdSense for errors, 
o DoubleClick Ad Exchange publisher sites
 real-time marketplace partnered with the Google Display Network for buying and selling advertising. 
 represents another market for advertisers to bid on display
 When campaigns targets Display Network, automatically have access to DoubleClick inventory (publisher sites) that complies with AdWords' guidelines.

What TARGETING METHODS - can you choose to tell google where you'd like your ads to appear or what audience you'd like to reach?

here you'd like your ads to appear or what audience you'd like to reach
oKEYWORDS based keyword list. For DN
oGoogle uses "contextual targeting" to match keywords to webpage content.
oPLACEMENTS: appear on websites or placements hand-pick 
o"Managed Placements" from the Display Network.
oAUDIENCES: Your ads are shown to specific audiences on DN sites. 
o"Remarketing" reach people who visited your site before 
o"Interest Categories" customers interested in specific categories
oTOPICS: appear on multiple pages about a specific topic.
o"Contextual targeting", like keywords, to match your ad w/ relevant webpages
o"Topics" is the AdWords term for specific themes or categories,
Exp: agriculture or music. 
 If you'd like to target pages with specific content, you can select one or more topics so your ads appear on pages about those topics.
oMOBILE DEVICES: Ads on Display Network websites from full-browser mobile devices, 
o like iPhone or Android devices. 
o Appear on mobile apps, considered part of our Display Network.

How does Contextual Targeting match ads to relevant site? On what Network?

•Match ads to relevant sites on the Google Display Network
o using your keywords or topics, among other factors

What does contextual targeting offer

o useful information to readers
o attract an audience interested in your message

When is contenxtual targeting used?

o Ad group has keywords or topics 
o The campaign is set to show ads on the Display Network.

To use Contextual Targeting Campaigns Types must be set to ?

• Search & Display Networks - All features"
• Display Network only - All features"
• Display Network only - Remarketing"

Example of Contextual Targeting

Suppose you've created an ad group to advertise gourmet cookies, and it includes keywords like "dark chocolate chip cookies" and "nutella chocolate chip cookies." We use contextual targeting to identify and place your ad on Google Display Network sites that share the same themes. That means that your ad might appear on webpages about gourmet chocolate desserts, discussion groups for baking enthusiasts, or a newsletter about dessert recipes.

How does Contextual targeting work

Google analyzes the content of each Display Network webpage or URL, 
•Considering the site's 
--text, language, link structure, page structure, and more
•Determine the central theme of each webpage
•Keywords - Match this theme to your ad using:
--Your keywords and topic select 
--language and location targeting and other settings

•Sometimes, we might show ads when keywords match the content of pages a person has recently browsed.

•Automatic Placements: AdWords uses contextual targeting to automatically place your ad on sites based on your keywords, 

•Managed placements websites or webpages that you manually add to your ad groups.

Using Contextual Targeting by TOPIC- How does it differ than keywords

•Topic Targeting in addition to keywords reach broader range of pages-Display Network
•Match ads to a page's concepts, rather than its individual terms

Contextual targeting by TOPIC EXAMPLE

Let's imagine again that you want to show ads about gourmet cookies using AdWords. You could add the sub-topic Food & Drinks> Cooking & Recipes > Baked Goods to your ad group. This would help you target all pages about cooking and recipes on the Google Display Network related to cookies, regardless of whether your exact keywords appear on the page.

Contextual targeting by Keyword Example

Suppose you've created an ad group to advertise gourmet cookies, and it includes keywords like "dark chocolate chip cookies" and "nutella chocolate chip cookies." We use contextual targeting to identify and place your ad on Google Display Network sites that share the same themes. That means that your ad might appear on webpages about gourmet chocolate desserts, discussion groups for baking enthusiasts, or a newsletter about dessert recipes

How can you add exclusions to improve your contextual targeting? What Type of Exlusions can be made

• From within ad group or campaign, can do two things:
1.Exclude specific sites or types of sites
---don't want ads to appear on,
•Competitor sites 
•Low conversion rate sites
•Websites that aren't appropriate for your audience or ads.
2. Exclude many pages about a specific topic at once.


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